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2020 Bel Air Wildcats  AAU Basketball

All players who will be attending tryouts must register prior to the first tryout - Online Registration

The Bel Air Wildcats Girl’s Basketball program is seeking players for the 2020 AAU season.  We are looking to participate in the following grade divisions:  5th through 8th and High School.

Note: AAU runs their tournaments by grade instead of age groups. There is a play down rule based on date of birth (listed in parenthesis).


Grade Determination Date for 2020

Grade as of October 1, 2019

Birth date Requirement

5th grade

And no older than 12 on 8/31/20

6th grade

And no older than 13 on 8/31/20

7th grade

And no older than 14 on 8/31/20

8th grade

And no older than 15 on 8/31/20

9th grade

And no older than 16 on 8/31/20

10th grade

And no older than 17 on 8/31/20

11th grade

And no older than 18 on 8/31/20



Tryout Schedule

4th - 6th grade

Tues 3/3/20, Weds 3/4/20, and Thurs 3/5/20 (6:00 – 7:00pm)


Southampton Middle School

7th and 8th grades

Tues 3/3/20, Weds 3/4/20, and Thurs 3/5/20 (7:00 – 8:00pm)


Southampton Middle School

High School

Tues 3/3/20, Weds 3/4/20, and Thurs 3/5/20 (8:00 – 9:00pm)


Southampton Middle School


            *** Additional tryouts will be scheduled and communicated through the website.  


  • The season will run from approximately March through mid-June.
  • Participation in 3-5 tournaments. Additional tournaments at coach’s discretion.
  • We offer some of the best coaching in the area with focus on skill development and teaching good basketball fundamentals.


If you have any questions, please contact

John Cooney at (443) 617-7916 ( ) or

Chris Weichseldorfer at (443) 243-4020 ( ). 


You may also visit our website for more information (http://belairgirlsbasketball.assn.la/)